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on Body Integrity Identity Disorder

 Anna is a researcher in Psychology, more specifically in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology. She works at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh). Anna is the director of the Body and Emotion Lab (Lab website: https://brainstimlab.hw.ac.uk/). 


Since 2011, Anna has been actively working on BIID. To this aim, she used a range of different techniques, and she is continuously developing projects to support individuals experiencing BIID.

Since her first encounter with a person experiencing BIID, Anna was struck by the lack of scientific evidence and the lack of understanding of BIID. Part of her work is dedicated to develop educational materials and to expand knolwedge of BIID in the UK. She is actively training the new generations of Psychologists so that they have an awarness of BIID. 


 Profile: https://researchportal.hw.ac.uk/en/persons/anna-sedda

Contact Anna: a.sedda[AT]HW.AC.UK



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