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We provide

scientific and educational information

on Body Integrity Identity Disorder

 Media portrayals of BIID, such as tv shows, social media and sensational articles, can be inaccurate or insensitive.

As well as this, media portrayals of BIID can be exaggerated and dramatized

These are NOT necessarily an accurate representation of BIID.

 As well as this, people can make rude comments on the web regarding BIID


If you have been affected by something you have come across and want to speak please see our Resources for Individuals and feel free to contact us Click Here  


In order to deal with Media effects, there are a few steps you can take:


TIP 1 If possible, avoid spending too much time looking at these sourcesin order to stay away from inaccurate or harmful information, it is best to stick to reliable resources, such as your local GP and/or a counsellor/psychologist.


TIP 2 If you come across rude comments on social media – Try and not engage in a conversation with these people. We know this can be hard, but you will not be able to change this person’s mind and it will cause you stress.


 TIP 3 Report dangerous/offensive users if you come across an online user that is being rude or giving out information that could put others at risk it is important to report this to the website/platform in order to protect you and others.


 TIP 4 If you have come across something that has caused you emotional distress – please, speak to a loved one and/or see our Resources for Individuals and feel free to contact us Click Here  


 DISCLAIMER: The information presented on this website is not to be considered medical advice and is not to replace consultation with qualified professionals. Please do not use the information on this website to self-diagnose.