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BIID can be very harmful as people experiencing BIID can become preoccupied by these desires (sometimes spending time pretending to be disabled) and this can interfere with their daily lives. Often it can be a struggle for people with BIID to form close relationships as they may feel like they have to lie about their condition which can leave them feeling isolated. There have also been cases of people attempting to become disabled which has put their health and even their lives at great risk.   

Unfortunately, there is not a known cure for BIID. However, therapy can be offered to help patients with coping mechanisms to improve their daily lives. Another form of “therapy” is ‘pretending’ so that someone with BIID knows what it is really like to be disabled. To be able to find a more effective treatment, more research would need to be done. 

If you want to hear the story of a person with BIID, you can have a look at this Documentary





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