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We provide

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on Body Integrity Identity Disorder


Share YOUR STORY OF BIID.  We cannot develop udnerstanding unless we hear from your experience. Help us share your story! I WANT TO SHARE MY STORY


Share this website as much and as far as you can.  Raising awarness on BIID means that more researchers will get involved in understanding it and in finding ways to support individuals. In addition, the more aware people are of BIID, the lower the stigma: this in turns contributes to increasing research activities. 


Participate in research on BIID.  Whether you are affected by BIID, you know someone who is, or you were simply browsing the website, participating in research means you dedicate your time and allow to advance understanding. Research studies often requires "control groups", together with "experimental groups", hence your contribution is always valuable. 


Get in touch with us if you have ideas on how to promote awarness on BIID: I WANT TO SUPPORT BIID


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